Computer Hardware

Computer Hardware

Computer Hardware - Basically, there are two classifications in a computer. One is hardware and the other is software. In simple terms, an example can be given such as the television you have is the hardware and the shows telecasted in it is the software. The physical components related with computer are together called as hardware and the programs and functions that make the hardware working are called software.

Computer Hardware

The various hardware components of computers are Central Processing Unit (CPU), keyboard, monitors, and drives. There are also other devices which can be used with the computers like mouse, scanners, printers etc. to improve the efficiency of the computer.

1. Central Processing Unit 

The unit is simply referred as CPU. It is the heart of the computer. The term CPU relates to the processor in the computer but the CPU’s performance is determined by other circuitry in the computer. The processor that is currently famous in the market is Intel’s Pentium processor. It is the most common chip or processor. But there are also other processors manufactured by companies like Motorola and AMD.

2. Keyboard

It is one of the input devices. It is used to provide inputs to the computer to do a function or work. The keyboard that is most common is the QWERTY keyboard. Apart from the alphabet keys and number keys there are some special keys called function keys which perform some special tasks. Keyboards have seen a vast development over the years so that wireless keyboards have been in the sale these days.

3. Monitors

Monitors shows the information in a screen when you are typing. This is one of the output devices. There are various types of monitors manufactured by various companies like Samsung, LG, HP, etc. Also, monitors come in different resolution. The resolution of the monitor determines the sharpness of the picture on the screen. The desktop computer uses Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) monitor or a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) monitor. The graphics and animation of today’s software could be totally benefitted only with high quality monitors.

4. Drives

The drives are usually referred as the memory disk. Apart from the memory drive which is also known as hard drive, there are disks such as CD drive, floppy drive, etc. These drives are used to get information or store information additionally using a CD or a floppy disk.

The other devices such as mouse, scanners, printers etc. are called peripheral devices. They are not mandatory but they reduce the work or make the work easy.

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