Guidelines Buying LCD Monitor

Guidelines Buying LCD Monitor

Guidelines Buying LCD Monitor - In recent years, prices of LCD monitors have gone down and their quality has in fact gone high. Without sacrificing or compromising with any of the features you can buy low priced monitors. The low price LCD monitors offer similar quality and style, like a high budget monitor but there are some key features which differentiate one brand from another.

Guidelines Buying LCD Monitor

Earlier they were used for televisions only but today because of their reduced prices, they are replacing the bigger CRT monitors of computers. In this article, you can find the important facts and guidelines to buy LCD monitors.

1. Size 

The size of your LCD monitor should be chosen according to the space available for it and the purpose you will use them for. Works involving designing, animation and gaming purposes needs large monitors and it improves the work and graphics quality in turn.

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2. Resolution 

Take a look at the pixels of the monitor. They define the resolution of the screen. Choose highest number of pixels for the sharpest, cleanest image quality.

3. Pixel-Response Rate 

Response time, as pixel response rate is usually known, is the minimum time required to change the color or the brightness of the pixel. The time is expressed in milliseconds. It should be low, as longer response time makes computer reactions slower. Most of the time, you cannot notice the difference the response time makes in your computer. You may notice it while playing games.

4. Viewing Angle

This is a very important aspect of LCD screen. The LCD pixel’s sharpness and brightness change as the viewing angle changes. So, the view you get with sitting straight will not be the same watching from some other place. Each manufacturer comes out with his own specifications on viewing angles. It should be thoroughly checked before buying.

5. Monitor Inputs

The flexibility and multi-use capabilities are dictated by the inputs found in LCD monitors. Some models of monitors accepts only one signal at one time whereas some other monitors accept both signals at the same time and switch between the two.

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Research and evaluation makes you choose the right LCD monitor. Buying an LCD monitor is in itself a personal experience. Placing the monitor at a correct place with correct view angle is important. Also, the lighting should be ambient in the room in which you place the computer. A fine tip for buying is to check the balance of functionality with price. Knowing the needs and making the choice will be the right algorithm to find a good LCD monitor.

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