Take Care Of Your Computer CPU

Take Care Of Your Computer CPU

Take Care Of Your Computer CPU - Central processing unit of the computer is more like a heart in the human body. No useful work can be done with your computer if the CPU is not working. The CPU holds not only the processor but also other hardware like motherboard, hard disk, drives, ports, etc.

Maintaining the CPU and taking care of it may help you to extend the lifetime of its working. It is not a tough task to maintain your computer’s CPU. No expertise in the computer field is required. Basic knowledge about computers and some little time to check the functionalities are enough to take care of your CPU.

Here are some useful guidelines to make your CPU efficient and put off the heat from it.

  • The very important factor that affects the CPU is the heat generated from it. Healthy air circulation is needed. Keep CPU in an open space and not in congested places with other devices. The processor gets heated because of continuous work and a cooling fan will be placed to remove the heat. You have to make sure whether the cooling fan is performing properly.
  • Most of the processors have been coated with thermal paste which removes heat from it to head-sink. Verify whether your processor has that gel coated or not.
  • Check the current flow in the devices inside CPU. Any short circuit or faulty connection would create more heat in devices and also affects the functioning of the devices.
  • Tie all the wires and cables particularly the SATA and ATA cables, inside the CPU with a tag. This makes your CPU look tidy and also increases air flow.
  • You might also keep the outer case of CPU open if it a personal computer or home computer. This may sound really unusual but this greatly increases the airflow. Not all the times but when there is more work to be done in your computer. More work means more heat generated by the processor.
  • Try to keep your computer in an air conditioned room. This will keep away the dust accumulation in CPU.
  • Clean CPU with a little brush or cloth; at least once in a month but while doing that you should be more careful not to disturb the connections of the components. Wipe off the dust from the cooling fans.
  • There are facilities to have additional fans attached to the CPU. Just changing the outer case will give way to add extra cooling fans.

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