Beware of faulty pixels on your LCD monitor

Beware of faulty pixels on your LCD monitor

Beware of faulty pixels on your LCD monitor - LCD monitors are the most modern and stylish technological advent. You can find even 3D LCD monitors in market today. Computers also use LCD monitors and they have replaced their ancestral CRT monitors in mid 90’s. It is important to know about the faulty pixels, a problem that occurs with LCD screens. A simple definition cannot be given to faulty pixels. It is a result of minute errors.

Faulty pixels can be classified into three types: Hot pixels, Dead pixels and Partial pixels. Hot pixels are always ON, Dead pixels are always OFF and in Partial pixels any of the three primary colors (red, blue, green) are in ON or OFF and produce inappropriate colors on the screen. There are various reasons why faulty pixels occur. This may occur even with a brand new monitor because of the manufacturing defect.

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The monitors may get faulty pixels after some one or two years owing to poor technology. The LCD monitors are more fragile than CRT monitors. So even a little pressure or scratch on the monitor may produce faulty pixels. All LCD monitor manufacturers have their own conditions and rules for replacement or free service. Many manufacturers would not replace the monitor for dead pixel problem. Some manufacturers have number of dead pixels needed for replacement.

For example, DELL provides warranty for more than five dead pixels but these kinds of problems arise after a very long time after buying. So, warranty or replacement time would be over. So it is better to be aware of solving the faulty pixel on self help basis. Since there are different kinds of problems, there are different ways of fixing problems. Partial and hot pixels get normal with time but may not be the case all the time.

Sometimes a quick ON and OFF may fix the faulty pixel. The pixel gets re-energized by the process. There are a few of the pixel-correcting software available and they can fix most of the issues. A lot of information can be gathered regarding this issue on the internet. Though there are some odd news and wrong helping methods, basic troubleshooting can be found in detail. But once the problem occurs, the issue is bound to occur again and again.

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So it is best to replace the monitor as soon as the problem occurs. Unfortunately if the time limit is over for replacement, you have to go in for the new monitor since problems like dead pixel or partial pixel cannot be fixed easily.

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