Environment : Friendly Usage of Computer

Environment - Friendly Usage of Computer

Environment - Friendly Usage of Computer - The effect of global warming reflects on each and everything we do and we are in a position to use eco-friendly products and machines that emit less carbon. Not only the motorbikes or the cars cause carbon emissions but also devices like computers and mobile phones emit carbon through the heat they produce. Some serious thinking should be given to save our environment. Each of us can contribute to reduce the carbon emissions.

Now, let us see how to reduce the carbon effect of your computer and its hardware components. The following tips may help your computer to go Green.

Search for Greener products

The software used in the computers mostly does not produce any harm but once your computer gets internet connection then you have to search for the green. The usage of internet causes extra energy consumption by the computer.

For this, you can use the eco-friendly search engines. For example, Blackle.com is an alternative search engine from Google. It is said that using this website can save up to 750 Megawatt-hours per year. The wallpapers and screen-savers could also be set to black since black consumes less power than colored backgrounds.

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Replace CRT monitors with LCD monitors

CRT monitors consume more power than LCD monitors. So, replace the CRT monitor with LCD monitor so that you cannot only save energy but also can get better quality. LCD monitors saves 70% power and has more life span.

Change the computer’s power settings

Computers nowadays come with wide options to save energy. By changing the power settings you can optimize the energy consumed by your computer. There are some toolbars you can download and install on your computer. These kinds of toolbars for instance IYogi toolbar, helps you when you are browsing through several folders and files. The effect could reflect both on the environment and also on your power bills.

Use wise operating system

The operating system in the computer can also help you in power consumption. It is advisable to use Windows Vista since it is more adjustable than other Windows O.S. Vista which is sensible enough to know when to increase the power consumption and when to decrease it.

Turn-off the hardware devices when not in use

When you shut down your computer it does not actually mean that the computer is turned off. The monitor will still consume energy. You have to turn off the monitor or unplug it from the connection. This suits not only for the monitor but also for other hardware devices like printers, scanners, speakers etc. So, connecting all the hardware components to the same power strip can also help you to turn off all devices when you shut down your computer.

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