Buying an External Hard Drive

Buying an External Hard Drive

Buying an External Hard Drive - Hundreds of models of external hard drives are available in the market. It has become tough to make a choice on which brand to buy. Here are some useful tips which can assist you in finding the right external hard drive.

Buying an External Hard Drive

1. Calculate your computer’s requirements

A major factor to be kept in mind while buying an external hard drive. Think why you should buy the hard drive and calculate whether the size of the drive will meet your computer’s requirements.

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2. Select the brand

It is always advisable to go for good brand products. The branded products come with certain warranty time and so you can be tension free for the time given. 

The reputed companies would not want to lose a customer and so the product will be of good quality. Although such a branded external hard drive may cost you extra dollars, the risk factors are reduced.

3. Cross check the brand

Discuss with your friends about the brand you have selected. If that is not possible, you can use the internet and search for the features and capability of that drive.

4. Mode of connection

If the brand satisfies you, then check the mode of connection of the external drive with your computer. It can be connected either with a USB or a Firewire. 

The fastest option is Firewire but most of the computers do no support it. So check with your computer specifications.

5. Speed

Check the speed of external hard drive after finding the mode of connection. There are several factors which speed relies on. Faster the drive, faster is the data communication from the computer to drive.

6. Seek time

Ensure that it is not more than 10 milliseconds, if you really desire to have a high speed external hard drive.

7. Find out the RPM

The speed of the drive is calculated in terms of RPM (Revolution per Minute). The most preferable option is the hard drive having a speed of 7200 rpm. If that is not possible, go for a hard drive which has at least 5400 rpm but not lesser than that.

8. Money

Last but not least, Money! One of the factors you should be more aware of. See whether the product is worth the money before buying.

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Take a lot of contemplation before buying the external hard drive because they are quite costly devices. All these factors can help you to choose the external hard drive which is best in terms of both price and quality.

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