Hardware Configuration For Different Types Of Computers

Hardware Configuration For Different Types Of Computers

Hardware Configuration For Different Types Of Computers - You can build your own computer in the way you want and with the accessories you desire. Different brands and various types of hardware components flood the market. So, choosing the correct components for the computer is an important task and it will save you the money. 

First decide on for what purpose you are buying the computer and fix the budget you have to spend for it. Then choose the hardware components carefully according to your needs. This article briefs the hardware configuration needed for different types of computers.

Hardware Configuration For Different Types Of Computers

1. Office computers

The office computers need common or cheap configuration. A dual core processor with 2 GHz speed and 2 GB RAM will do well for this type of computers. A 19’’ monitor of LCD type may be enough. 

The graphics card that comes with the motherboard alone is enough, so no need for separate graphics card. A 500 GB HDD can be affordable since the prices of hard disk drives are going down.

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2. Multimedia/graphics computer

More importance should be given to the graphics card in this type of computer since they have to work with high quality graphics. Get a graphics card from a branded company and of high quality. There should be PCI-E slots in addition to PCI slots. 

The size of RAM also should be quite big. Something in the range of 4 to 6 GB is okay. Considering the processor as triple or quad processor is good for this type of computers.

3. Gaming computer

This type of computer should be more rigid and tough since they have to come across all the bumps and pats of the frustrated user who loses the game. Definitely a HD LCD monitor of at least 21’’ should be provided for more attraction towards games. 

Dual core processors are enough but dual processors could be advantageous for several games. Motherboard with PCI-E slots, a graphic card which provides at least 30 frames per second, a good cabinet with airflow, quality speakers, multimedia keyboard and a durable mouse are other important things for a gaming PC. RAM size of 4 GB will be perfect for this type of computer.

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These three are the most different types of computers we come across. You might wonder why there is no information on personal home computer. But the fact is, it is good enough to buy computers which are sold with pre-assembled configuration for home use, according to your financial plans.

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