Upgrading Your Computer Memory

Upgrading Your Computer Memory

Upgrading Your Computer Memory - Does your computer get slower? Does it affect your system’s performance? It might be because of the lack of memory space in your computer. Fixing the issue is not so complicated since there are high memory RAM cards of different kinds available in market. 

Replacing them for old ones or adding them as additional memory with the existing memory shall be done. But the compatibility of new RAM with the older ones should be checked.

Replacing of RAMs can be done in your home by yourself. But before buying and replacing, there are certain associated features to be considered for a better performance. 

First, check the memory vacant in the existing computer. This can be found by checking the BIOS settings. In Windows system, it can be found in another way by looking in the system properties through Control panel.

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Now open the CPU case and check number of RAM slots available. If there is no spare left out, you have to replace the existing memory card for a new one. Calculate on how much memory you need. Usually for a Windows XP computer user 1 GB RAM is more than enough. 

But if you are a person who works on large graphics files or video files, then replace the old ones with 2 GB RAM. If it is a Vista computer, then going for a 2 GB RAM will be ideal. But before deciding, check the recommended memory given by the Operating System.

There are various types of RAMs available in the market. DDR, DDR1, DDR2, DDR3 are some of them. We could not say that all kinds of RAMs are supported by your motherboard. The computer’s manual should be checked or the computer vendor should be contacted to get these details. 

DDR3 is the fastest of all RAM types. You can also use dual channel memory where you can use two 512 MB RAM instead of 1 GB RAM. Dual channel memory is gaining popularity among the computer users.

Don’t compromise with quality for money. RAM is an important aspect of your computer hardware and upgrading it needs more research and knowledge about your computer. The RAM can be inserted in the slot as prescribed in the manual of the computer. 

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If you have lost the manual, search for the manufacturer’s website to get some help. The memory can be upgraded logically with a professional approach.

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