Resetting the BIOS System

Resetting the BIOS System

Resetting the BIOS System - Basic Input Output System is in short called as BIOS. During the computer boot process it works to provide information and is a vital part of motherboard. Most people think that BIOS and CMOS are same and they use the words interchangeably. 

But CMOS is Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor from which the BIOS load the information.

Sometimes, it may be needed to enter the BIOS setup to update or change some of the system features. It is not so difficult to get into the setup page. 

You might have noticed some brief instructions appear when the computer is starting up. In those instructions, there will be specific key to enter the setup page. Mostly it will be DELETE, ESC or F1 key. This key should be pressed quickly before the screen changes.

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Entering BIOS setup frequently should be avoided as a simple mistake could result in drastic errors and consequences. Having a professional by side would be a wise decision. To be on the safer side, back up the important data and information in your computer before entering the setup page.

BIOS not only allow you to reconfigure but also to reset the passwords. These passwords help the BIOS system to prevent unauthorized access to the computer. BIOS system has two types of passwords. 

One for initial login and the other is for changing the settings. There are two passwords in BIOS system – One for initial login while the other is to access the BIOS settings. Computer expert assistance would be needed in large with changing the settings.

The fact is that if you forget the login password, you can never operate your computer. If you want to reset the start up password, discharge the motherboard battery. Removing the battery will block the power supply to the system and so the BIOS will lose all the information. 

When the battery is attached again, the BIOS will set back to its default state and loses all the passwords.

But finding the battery and removing it is a difficult thing to do. There is an alternative way given by the motherboard manufacturers. They provide backdoor passwords in order to access the BIOS settings. These passwords are not dependent on the password you set. 

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So, they get you into the BIOS settings page without your password. The manufacturers change this password from time to time. An expert can help you find this password and also to change the settings. So it is highly helpful and advisable to have a professional expert to have these kinds of work done.

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