ID Card Printers and its Importance

ID Card Printers and its Importance

ID Card Printers and its Importance - Technology advances as every year passes by. The model of computer that was rocking the market that year will go out of scene the very next year. More features were added to the computers and its associated hardware every now and then. The betterment of technology has shown a great improvement in the field of printers.

We have seen printers used to make print outs of documents, photos, etc. But there are special purpose printers like MICR printer. The MICR printers are used in banks and they deal with checks and codes used in them. Now we shall try to know about printers that are used for printing ID cards.

Every company provides ID cards to its employees. The ID card is used to provide identity to both the employee as well as the company. Mostly the ID cards are printed with the photo of the employee in it. 

Today ID cards are multifunctional like they are used as access for security door locks, clocking check-in and check-out time etc. So, it is a big responsibility for companies to print and provide ID cards to its employees.

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The ID card printers are special purpose printers and are used for printing ID cards. There are different types of ID card printers. Most of the companies seek to own an ID card printer instead of outsourcing the work of printing ID cards to other retailers. They can make their ID cards in their own style and can design them uniquely.

The famous names of companies that manufacture ID card printers are Forgo and Magicard. The basic form of ID card printers is easy to accommodate. It can print on both sides of the ID card at the same time. Photos, text, signature marks, graphics can be printed by this type of printer. Some of them can also print magnetic stripes in cards. 

Even holographic marks and lamination of cards are possible with the printers of modern technology. This printer is best suited for schools, hospitals, shops, etc.

You have to contemplate a lot of things before buying an ID card printer. Question yourself with your needs like how the card should be printed? Should it have print on one side or both the sides? Is lamination needed for the ID card? Does ID card need to have a photo? What are the security features that are needed to be embedded in the card?

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Find the answers to these questions and search for the right type of card in the market. Decide on the brand and its background. Check whether its features meet your requirements. Finally make sure that you have bought a printer that could give you good productivity.

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