All in one Multifunctional Printers

All in one Multifunctional Printers

All in one Multifunctional Printers - The word all-in-one is to mention the specialty of the printer. The real name for the printer is multifunctional printers. These types of printers are ideal for office use and sometimes for household use also. 

This single printer machine can do the functions of different machines like scanner, fax, phone, etc. so the printer can result in energy saving, space saving, and money saving. 

This kind of printer is available with both inkjet cartridge and laser cartridge. It depends on the buyer to know his or her needs and buy the printer for his/her own needs.

Before buying this all-in-one printer, you have to make sure that you have got the important features of such printers. Some of the features of the printer are mentioned in detail here.

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Speed of the printer: Mostly all-in-one printers are slow compared to the speed of ordinary printers. Fastest all-in-printers can be bought spending some extra bugs on it. The speed of the printer varies between 14 and 33 pages per minute. 

The speed of the fax and/or modem should also be checked. The minimum speed should at least be 33 kbps.

Memory of the printer

The memory refers to the capacity of storage which holds the computer files or fax messages when they are waiting to be printed. Less memory can be a great hindrance if you are expecting large amount of content to be printed, copied or faxed. 

A printer with at least 16 megabyte memory can be considered for large document memory and can give good speed also.

Resolution of the printer

Resolution is a way to access the quality of the printing. It is the sharpness in the printed document which is measured by Dots/Inch. Except for photo printing, a resolution of 600 x 600 will be a perfect choice for the multi functional printers.

Wireless All-in-one Printers

technology today has given us the mobile wireless all-in-one printers. They are well suited for office and business networks. In fact they can be said as a boon for the offices with no proper work space or congested work space. Cables are not needed for this kind of printer, which gives the advantage of mobility. The printers can be placed anywhere in the office. After connecting it to the network, any computer in the network can access it. 

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All the functions such as scanning, copying, faxing can be done through the wireless network itself. But it is very important to keep in mind that the security of the wireless printer should be given more priority like any other wireless devices.

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