Troubleshooting For Computer's

Troubleshooting For Computer's

Troubleshooting For Computer's - There are huge multi-national corporations like HP, DELL etc. which manufacture computers and its accessories. Though all these companies develop the computers with similar functionalities, the platform and the way they perform differs. Simple issues may arise then and there in computers and solving those issues are called troubleshooting.

Some common errors or troubles occur with these computers which may not be very big and are easy to resolve. You may not need an expert for those kinds of issues. Some troubleshooting steps will help you out. It is important to know the basic troubleshooting steps for computers which will help you to save time and money.

Troubleshooting For Desktops

1. NO BOOT condition

If your computer is not booting up even after several attempts, check whether you can hear the sound of fan rolling in your processor. Then try entering the BIOS page of the computer by pressing F10 key during start up. If you are unable to enter the page, then it might be a motherboard problem and you should contact your computer service vendor.

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2. Peripheral device not working

Sometimes the devices connected to the computer will not be detected and so it will not function. For example, web cam connected to your computer may not work during browsing the internet. Then you can follow the simple steps given below to troubleshoot.

  • Get into device manager of your computer.
  • Select the device which is not detected.
  • Right click on its icon.
  • Select properties.
  • Click on drivers tab
  • Select enable.

3. Troubleshooting for Printers

Most of the times printers give error codes with reason why they do not work. Accordingly the rectification step can be carried out. To find out more, you can check the options available in the printer provider’s website with the error code. Some of the common error codes are given below with their meanings.

  • Error code 02: This error code means there is some loose connection in your cable connection from the printer to the cable.
  • Error code 11: Papers shortage in printer. More papers should be provided in the paper tray.
  • Error code 14: This error code means there is some problem with the toner cartridge of the printer.
  • Error code 22: The configuration of printer is incorrect and the configuration settings should be checked.
  • Error code 30: Firmware problem gives this error code.
  • Error code 40: Mostly this error code arises when there is a disconnection between data cable between the computer and the printer.

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