Make Money with Empty Cartridges

Make Money with Empty Cartridges

Make Money with Empty Cartridges - No surety is given till now for a cartridge that it will never run out of ink. It is also impossible to assure since ink cartridges gets out of ink after sometime. 

After some hundreds of pages printed, you will find an empty cartridge, which has to be disposed. In a year, there might be two or three cartridge replacements needed for a home printer based on the usage.

Most of the home computers and small businesses make use of inkjet printers. The large industries using inkjet printers might end up using approximately 100 cartridges yearly. So, it is natural to think that supplying ink cartridges are profitable. 

Though it is true, there are infinite number of persons involved in that business which makes the competition heavy.

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But do not get disappointed if you had the idea of supplying ink cartridges. There is a related business which can fetch you money. It is by selling empty cartridges. Read on to know how to make money with empty cartridges.

You can sell your empty cartridge to specific buyers. They will in turn pay in up to $5 depending upon the type and model of the cartridge sold. Is this not enough? Then think of buying the empty cartridges, recycling it and then selling it. Just like a cool drink bottle. 

Once you drink the beverage, the bottle goes to the company, refilled and again sold in the market.

You get the used or empty cartridges, find an ink cartridge manufacturer and resell it to them. The profit you make in this business will never be less unless and until the technology comes with new generation printers which are perfect replacement of inkjet printers.

The internet can help you to find a lot of people who buy or sell empty ink cartridges in your locality. If you want to get more profit, find lots of empty cartridges to resell. There are plenty of ways to collect empty cartridges.

Make your friends, relatives and neighbors to know that you are collecting empty cartridges. You can do that by writing in your blog or other social communities. Most of the people may not have time to give the empty cartridge in your place. So you go to their place and get it on a phone call. 

People do not want to waste time in disposing their rubbish so you might find most of them readily giving their empty cartridge.

Similarly you can write to the hospitals, schools etc. in your locality to get the cartridges. They may not be aware of the fact and you can get a lot of empty cartridges in these places. 

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This business can be done as a part time or weekend work which will definitely help you to have some additional money in your bank account.

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