Why Laser Printer Outsmarts Inkjet Printer

Why Laser Printer Outsmarts Inkjet Printer

Why Laser Printer Outsmarts Inkjet Printer - Printers are an important part of computers today, especially at business locations. There are various types of printers for different needs. Laser printers, inkjet printers, MICR printers, photo printers are some of the types of printers.

Inkjet printers are the ancestors of the printer family since they were introduced decades ago. But technology has developed another type of printer called laser printer which is really a competitor to inkjet printers. 

Though the purpose of both the printers is the same, only the features make the difference. Laser printers and inkjet printers are the most common printers used for both business and home computers. Now let us see why laser printers are superior to inkjet printers.

Speed and clarity of the laser could not be beaten by inkjet printers. An inkjet printer may be best suited for small businesses because of their price and availability but if the price is discarded you could get all the advantages of what a laser printer offers. 

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The price is what the only thing rescuing the inkjet printers from extinction. But they are not totally inexpensive; in fact they need periodic replacement of ink cartridges which is not needed in laser printers.

When it comes to business every second of time is money, isn’t it? So your working time is mightily reduced with the help of laser printers. No need to say inkjet printers take considerable time to print the documents. 

They are slow because they print word by word. Instead of waiting, laser printers are fast and help you spend time on other works. Laser printers work similar to a scanner. It takes the copy and the whole page and print page by page.

An accustomed inkjet printer may print 5 to 15 pages per minute whereas a laser printer can print 21-35 pages within the same amount of time. In fact, the newer technology laser printer prints approximately 50 pages in black and white per minute. 

So, laser printer is a compulsory device in businesses involving high volumes of printing.

The next thing to watch out in laser printer is its quality. Inkjet printer uses ink toner. This toner fuses the ink with the fibers of the paper which gives limited durability to the text and the print. Even supreme quality inks fade off with time. 

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But laser printers do not have this problem since they do not use actual ink. The ink used in the laser printer does not rub off and so there is no chaos with your fingers. The printed paper is also clean as well.

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