Universal Serial Bus Cable

Universal Serial Bus Cable

Universal Serial Bus cable - Universal Serial Bus cables are shortly known as USB cables. These are the latest invention to connect various electronic devices with the computer. The advantages of USB cables are high and so that the gaming consoles, digital cameras, Smartphone, portable media player etc. have been using these cables nowadays.

USB cable outsmarts its other counterparts such as Firewire, SATA, PS/2 and ATA cables. The fact that makes USB superior is its user friendliness. They are comparatively easy to plug-in and plug-out. 

The cables have connectors which are flat and can fit in the USB slot in only one direction whereas in PS/2 cables, observing the pin shape and slot shape should be done to prevent the damage of fragile pins in it. You can plug the USB cables with your eyes closed. If it does not get through then just flip and plug the other side.

Performance-wise, there is not much difference between SATA/Firewire and USB cables. But the latest ones are comparatively cheaper. Being cheap does not mean that they are of low quality or poor performers. 

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They are indeed less prone to breakage and are more flexible. Their flexibility has given them another advantage that they can be assembled in retractable rig.

The usual USB cable is good enough for normal use. But for people who use the cables while traveling, they may need lengthier cables for which retractable USB cables may help. 

They can extend from 5 to 15 feet. They are comfortable and safe. They avoid the mess created by having extra cables around.

Before buying USB cables, check with the following features.

Compatibility: The USB cables have seen a fast growth and there are several versions available in the market. The most recent version is 3.0. However, the standard version used mostly is 2.0. The 3.0 USB may work with its predecessor but a 2.0 USB cable will not work with 3.0 version devices. So check the version your device supports before buying.

Connectors: The type of connectors the cables use is another notable thing. The connectors that computers use are of Type-A. But devices like flash drives, mobile phones use other types of connectors. 

The other types of USB connectors are Type-B, mini Type-A and mini Type-B. So, choose your Connectors depending on the gadgets you have to connect with your computer.

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The above features should be definitely checked before making any decision to buy the USB cables. These features suit for both ordinary USB cables as well as retractable USB cables.

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