Using KVM Cables

Using KVM Cables

Using KVM Cables - A KVM cable is the most conducive hardware component for computers. The KVM cables have legion usage. They are used to control more than one computer at the same time. 

For example, two monitors can be used for a single computer at the same time. This just a simple example and you can even have 10 computers sharing a single monitor with the help of KVM cables.

A KVM cable gives accreditation for the CPU to control several monitors with no necessity for an additional keyboard or mouse. So, what KVM stand for? It is the acronym for keyboard, video unit, and mouse. 

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A KVM cable needs a KVM switch to perform its operation. The switch is a hardware device that allows you to access two or more computers with single keyboard, mouse and monitor.

There are numbers associated with the switch which indicates how many computers can switch control. There are switches which can control even 64 computers at the same time. The KVM cables and switches are more than perfect for businesses that have large server rooms. 

The KVM cables come with USB feature, so that one end can be connected to the free port and control can be gained for the mouse and keyboard. But even a small mistake makes the USB KVB switch to go on the blink.

Like all other devices, you need to make several considerations for buying an ideal KVM switch. The functionality of switches is the same but the method of taking control differs. 

Some switch needs keyboard commands or a combination of keys to be pressed to switch control. In some other cases, there might be a simple push button in the switch which helps switching control.

Another main thing to be considered is the resolution caliber of the switch. Graphic cards are integrated parts of today’s computers. So, the monitors are of high resolution and high frequency. There are possibilities that the image can be degraded by the switch. 

Study the specification of switches so that to check whether it can handle high resolution and frequency. Make sure that the switch can give the same resolution of your computer. It is advisable for professional users to use custom cables and switches.

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The physical structure of the cable should also be appraised. A flexible, coarse, PVC coated cable will give you durability and safety. The thin cables inside should be shielded coaxially for quality and sharp video.

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