Why you Need UPS for Your Computers ?

Why you Need UPS for Your Computers ?

Why you Need UPS for Your Computers ? - You are working on an important document on your computer which has to be presented in your office the next day and suddenly the power trips. Just imagine how terrible the situation will be. If you have saved the file then it is somewhat okay but what if you did not save the file? In such a situation, a UPS would help you.

UPS is the abbreviation for Uninterrupted Power Supply. With the name itself, you can find the purpose for what the device is designed. UPS provides continuous power to the computer when there is a power cut. 

They are not generators to give supply throughout, they are just storage devices which store energy and release them when there is a power failure. In simple terms, they could be said to be taking care of the functions of batteries. Though this is logical, they have a lot of other features than batteries.

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A computer without UPS is vulnerable to damage and get faulty easily. The damage can be not only to the hardware but also to the software and the contents in the system. Instead of writing how UPS works and the complex circuitry, it would be better to see the advantages and the types of them.

An UPS supplies power to the computer, okay, does it stop just with that? No, the UPS regulates the voltage and gives a constant output supply to the computer. 

The fluctuation of voltage is taken care of and the safety of your computer is guaranteed. An added advantage with today’s UPS is they come with multiple output slots so that more devices could be connected to it.

Since you get supply during main power failure, you get the advantage of saving unsaved files and make safe your important work are saved in your computer. The shutdown can be done with poise. The UPS gives enough time to do these things.

Types of UPS

There are basically two types of UPS; Online UPS and Offline UPS. A simple explanation to illustrate their difference is given. Online UPS supplies power from batteries during all times irrespective of power failure. 

They also get charged online while in use. In offline UPS, the supply is given from the mains when the power is on and the battery gets charged during the time. When there is main power failure, offline UPS switches to battery supply. Online UPS is fast and efficient when compared to Offline UPS.

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A lot of considerations should be given before buying the UPS. Check the backup time specified by the manufacturer. The voltage input and output particulars should also be checked.

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