Tips to Improve your Battery’s Performance

Tips to Improve your Battery’s Performance

Tips to Improve your Battery’s Performance - The battery of the laptop should be taken enough care to ensure that it will be ready when you need it the most. A general instruction for using the laptop is, don’t keep your laptop outside while it is cold or very hot. Batteries, when cold, consume more power and if they are hot, discharge very quickly. 

If possible, use laptops with charger plugged in it to avoid battery dry up. But also make use of battery charge then and there.

Below, some useful guidelines are given to improve your battery’s performance.

1. Go for ultraportable laptops

Buying a laptop which has big displays and speakers consume more battery power. So go for laptops which are thin and light weighted. The speed of hard drive is also proportionate to the consumption of power.

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2. Adjust the settings

Change the laptop settings such that energy can be saved. The monitor can be set to auto turn-off, even the hard drives can be timer set, if the laptop is not active for a long time. The lights can be as low as possible such that you are not squinting to see the screen. The brightness level should be totally low.

3. Watch the charge left

Use power or battery icon in the system tray so that you can keep an eye on the battery consumption. Don’t dry the battery fully. Charge the batteries whenever you can.

4. Have a spare battery

Some model of laptops allow dual batteries to be used. So, if your laptop allows double battery operation then have a spare battery.

5. Dust batteries

Keep the laptop and batteries free from dust. Wipe of the dust from the batteries and laptops every now and then. The terminals of the battery can also be cleaned with a cotton scrub wetted with alcohol on the tip.

6. Check CMOS battery

CMOS battery is a back up battery inside the laptop which powers the clock. It can drain the main battery if it is dry. So, replace the CMOS battery when it is dried. Check the laptop manual to know where this CMOS battery is located in your laptop. You can also check in the website to know where you can replace them.

7. Act wise

After all, it is your duty to act wise and save energy. Turn off the programs that are not used. Switch off the wireless mode when not needed. Playing games, watching movies, listening to music etc. will drain the battery in quick time. So, carry on these activities only when you have a power source readily available.

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