Charge the Battery Even Without the Actual Charger

Charge the Battery Even Without the Actual Charger

Charge the Battery Even Without the Actual Charger - Do you think that your laptop is worthless without a charger? Yes, you are right. Without the charger you don’t have a way to use your laptop. You cannot run the laptop with direction to the supply also. 

There are not so many inventions regarding laptop chargers. The batteries should be charged through the charger to have your laptop working.

A charger or adapter is a compulsory need to charge the batteries. But what if you had lost your charger or it has gone faulty? The original charger given to you while buying the laptop is not only the device to charge the batteries. There are other chargers which could keep your laptop alive and the details of them are given here.

Universal power adapter

An apparent solution for the battery miseries are provided by universal power adapters. They could be found in almost all the retail outlets which are in this field. They usually cost between $30 and $100. The cost increases with the fanciness. 

As the name indicates, these types of chargers are universal which means they suit all kinds of laptops and are common for all types of batteries. When these chargers are plugged in, they power up the laptop apart from charging the batteries.

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Universal auto / air adapter

These types of chargers suit perfectly for the person who spends more time on road traveling than in office. These chargers are similar to other power adapters but they have end pins which plug in to the cigarette lighter in the car. 

The adapter charges the battery and powers your laptop at the same time. So an ideal piece of science for those who want to use their laptop in cars or flight (if the adapter has the combination). Also, you can do your office work even when you are on the way to office.

External adapter

This kind of charger works on contrary to the other two chargers mentioned above. Usually, the charger is plugged into the laptop to power and charge the batteries. But with this kind of chargers, you have to take out the batteries from your laptop, attach it to the charger, and have to plug the charger in the power socket. Once the battery is charged, you have to take it from the charger and put them back into the laptop.

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The external chargers are model specific and are brand oriented. So, you have to make sure the charger matches your model of laptop before buying. With external chargers, you can charge the spare batteries and use them when the one in the laptop dries out and vice-versa.

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