All About Hard Drive

All About Hard Drive

All About Hard Drive - There are times when people thought that 1 gigabyte hard drive was more than enough for their computer. At those days, this size was considered very huge for a personal computer. But today, hard drives have started coming in terabytes which are very high when compared to gigabyte hard drives.

As the software field is growing by leaps and bounds, it is much necessary to improve the size of the memory of our computer also. For example, the operating system Windows 7 alone uses 16GB of storage. 

The desktop computers today use at least a 160GB hard drive and they are available at a nominal cost. However, what is hard drive? What difference does it make to your computer? You need to find answers to these questions to know your computer better.

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No computer can work without a hard drive. Hard drive is the main storage device for the computer. Whatever you do with your computer, let it be installing a new program, saving a text document, copying a movie etc. it will get stored in your computer hard drive only. 

The hard drive is referred by its size and they are indicated in MB or GB or TB. It is not that bigger hard drives will make your computer work fast. It may be the other way, since your computer depends on hard drive for all action, bigger the hard drive, slower the computer may work.

The hard drive is located inside the CPU tower and they are called internal hard drives. Besides internal hard drives, external hard drives are also available which can be more advantageous. Mostly, the external hard drives are used to make a back up of important data and store them. This helps when there is a hard drive failure. Also an external hard drive can boot up the internal drive, if it is slow.

Internal hard drive and external hard drives have their own benefits. Mainly the internal drives are considered safe because they are protected and placed strongly. Also, cooling fans may be available on internal drives which help the drive stays cool. 

But in the case of external hard drives, they are housed in boxes and placed outside the computer. It is connected to the system with a USB cable. The key benefits of an external hard drives are improved performance, bigger than the internal drive, durability and usage as a backup storage device.

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