Installing Hardware Drivers

Installing Hardware Drivers

Installing Hardware Drivers - The hardware cannot start working on its own when you connect it to the computer. There needs to be some interface between the hardware and the computer to make the device working. The interface is usually a kind of software called Device Driver. 

The manufacturer of the device usually provides this driver in a CD. Also the drivers can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website.

The drivers are used by the different components and applications in the machine to execute a specific task like printing, DVD reading and writing etc. Device drivers are installed depending upon the Operating System in the computer and the hardware which means that the correct version must be installed to ensure proper operation of the supported device. 

But it does not mean that drivers are system specific. The drivers for the hardware remains the same but the way the computer recognize it differs.

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The operating system comes with drivers for most of the common hardware like printers, headphones, speakers etc. but when you try to change the device or connect another device of the same type in the computer, the drivers may not get installed or work. 

Then you have to install it manually. Apart from this, the drivers may get updated periodically and the user can also update the drivers in their computer by downloading the latest version of drivers available.

There are various reasons for the devices not working due to driver related problems. First of all, you have to check whether correct drivers are installed. If so, then you have to check whether they are installed properly. 

Then, you have to check whether any updates available for the drivers from the manufacturer. If it is available, then it has to be downloaded and then installed in the computer. Sometimes uninstalling and reinstalling of drivers may also help to solve the problem of device not working.

There are two options to install the device drivers. One is by running the CD given with the device in your computer. In this method, you have to simply put the CD in the CD drive of the computer and follow the instructions given by the computer. 

The other way is downloading the drivers from the manufacturer’s website through internet and installing. Once the drivers get downloaded, it will be stored in your computer (mostly in C drive). You have to locate the drivers and then install it.

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It does not mean that there should be a driver problem whenever the device is not working. There might be a problem with the device itself or the physical connection of the device with the computer.

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